3 Holistic Ways to Prepare Your Body for Labor and Delivery!

Congratulations Mama! You have embarked on a rewarding and growth-filled journey. Wondering how you can prepare yourself for childbirth?

Bringing a child into the world can be one of the greatest experiences, but it isn’t an easy process. Going into labor, and delivering your baby is really hard work.

When you intentionally prepare your body for birth, you have the potential for more strength, stamina, flexibility, alignment, and of course a better overall experience, and who wouldn’t want that? Right?

Why it’s good to be prepared for childbirth

Having a baby is a big life event that can feel overwhelming. There is a lot to consider, but preparation can make the move into parenthood easier.

It will help you feel calm and relaxed on the day. And staying calm and relaxed can mean better contractions during labor and shorter labor. There are countless things you can do to try and set the stage for a fast, easy, and positive labor experience.

Remember, your own good health helps your baby’s health.

3 Tips to prepare your body for birth

It can feel overwhelming to prepare for labor and delivery. But there are ways to simplify the process and enhance your birth experience.

Here are three things that you can do to ready your body and mind to give birth

● Meditate or Practice Other De-Stressing Techniques

Meditating or other relaxing practices are a great way for you to get in the right mindset for labor. Some women can experience fear or anxiety surrounding their upcoming birth. Meditation can help calm your mind and ease you into a more relaxed birth.

● Yoga

Yoga is one of the best types of pregnancy exercise. It has many benefits – increased flexibility and strength, improved balance, and more relaxed breathing. Yoga stretches are very calming, and practicing them will also help you stay in tune with your body.

● Chiropractic

Care Chiropractic care has the potential to make all the difference during natural birth preparation. It helps balance the pelvis, which helps the baby get into the proper birthing position, as well as the best position for development. It also allows the baby plenty of room to grow. With this proper positioning, a shorter labor and delivery time can be possible.

Why Chiropractic care?

Pregnancy is an incredible time, but it can take a toll on your body.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many postural changes to compensate for your growing baby. Due to this, misalignments of the spine and interference with your nervous system are increased. Stress is placed on nerves and muscles in a way you’ve likely never experienced before.

Chiropractic care helps reduce this stress and create a state of balance in the nervous system, muscles, bones and ligaments that support the pelvis and uterus.

Chiropractic care helps in:
1. Controlling symptoms of nausea
2. Reducing labor and delivery times
3. Relieving back, neck, and joint pain
4. Allowing the baby to assume an optimal position for labor and delivery

Remember that the labor and birth journey is just the beginning of your experience. What comes afterward is where the real work begins. Focus on the fact that you are bringing new life into this world, and that on its own is miraculous.

So, take the time now to get ready—physically and mentally—for the big day. Support yourself holistically by taking care of all the parts of yourself.

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