What You’ll Discover in This Popular Ebook

Getting straight to the point, this book is written with the intent of helping you, as a parent, learn about the causes of neurodevelopmental issues, and more importantly the strategies to begin using today to help your child thrive.

In easy to understand language you’ll learn about promising research in functional neurology that is getting real, measurable results for thousands of children. Helping improve attention, focus, coordination and behavior in as little as 4 weeks.

The 7 Keys to Unlocking Your Child’s Austism Brain

  • Find out what the research shows regarding managing ADHD and Autism with diet and exercise. And why for some kids these things my have no effect.
  • About advanced, non-invasive diagnostic testing that is being used in the field of functional neurology to measure the response to this type of clinical program.
  • What type of care has shown an average of 32% improvement in speech, sociability, sensory and cognitive awareness, and health and behavior in children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in under 5 months.
  • What breakthrough’s in brain research and the science of epigenetics are teaching us and why researchers and clinicians state that ADD/ADHD and Autism are not genetic disorders.
  • The exact sequence of changes we have seen in our environment over the last 2 decades that trigger ADD/ADHD and Autism and the steps that you and your family can take to begin to reverse them.
  • The two special senses that must be addressed to see lasting change in your child’s neurodevelopment

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Thousands of families have already seen dramatic improvement in their child’s attention, ability to focus, coordination and behavior using these techniques. This FREE E-Book focuses on a “New Level of Thinking” regarding the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Tic Disorders and their root cause and reversing them.

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