3 Things Parents Can Do if Their Child Walked Before They Crawled

Crawling before walking is one of many keys to proper brain function. It’s an important developmental milestone that gives us a window into brain development. There are predictable milestones that should happen in sequence to one another.

When they deviate from that sequence it gives us a clue as to when there was a glitch in brain development. And helps us take appropriate steps or start early intervention, so we can help them heal and thrive.

From a developmental standpoint, our littles should learn to roll from front to back and back to front before sitting up or crawling. They should learn to arm crawl, before crawling on all fours. And crawl with on hands and knees before creeping and walking.

These milestones all work on strengthening large muscle groups and stimulating primitive reflexes while coordinating right and left brain communication.

When kids go straight to walking they miss out on a major milestone that helps establish healthy spinal movement and spinal curves that signal the brain to integrate primitive reflexes and start using postural reflexes.

The result is retained primitive reflexes that interfere with activation and development of higher brain centers that help with language and communication. Both verbal and non verbal.

So what can we do as parents, if we notice a child missed crawling and went straight to walking?

  1. Start using cross crawl exercises with them daily.
  2. Work on their core strength primarily on their back, glutes, hip flexors and upper back.
  3. Have them evaluated by a pediatric chiropractor to speed up the development process.

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