Chiropractic Care for Kids

Rochester’s Choice for Gentle Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Spend any amount of time in our practice and one thing you’ll notice is the kids we see, love chiropractic and love getting adjusted. One of the main reasons this happens, is because deep down they know something that many adults seem to have forgotten.

They know that “Kids are born and designed to be healthy, strong, resilient and to heal naturally from the inside.”

Unfortunately, this is not the reality for so many families and kiddos in our community. Colic, constipation, recurrent ear infections, allergies, sensory issues, and developmental delays are way too common. Too often parents are told , “Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.”

While I wish this were true, what we know through clinical experience, is that without the proper help far too many of these kids actually “grow into” chronic health challenges, such as autism, ADHD, asthma, anxiety, gut and immune challenges. They end up suffering and struggling with their health and quality of life in ways that they simply shouldn’t have to.

Kids grow, adapt, heal, learn, connect and communicate through their nervous systems. A healthy brain-body connection is vital in helping them grow, develop and heal naturally. This is why our focus and passion for taking care of kids starts with healing their nervous system.

Our measurable, predictable system, built on years of clinical experience and advanced training in pediatrics, allows us to pinpoint the exact root cause of why kids are getting sick, so we can focus on restoring their health and watch them thrive.

In our family focused practice we utilize the Blair Method of Upper Cervical Care, allowing us to make effective, safe and comfortable adjustments, without any popping, twisting or cracking.


Who We Love to Help

We help busy families when chronic health or developmental issues are interfering with their ability to be productive, focused, healthy and happy.

Parents often consult our practice looking for ways to address the root cause of their child’s health issue. They want to avoid managing symptoms with more medication, and are looking for something different because their health problem hasn’t been resolved with other doctors, therapists or chiropractors.


What makes us different at Live Well Rochester?

We approach every patient encounter with one core, guiding principle… that you have within you the intelligence to heal and live a productive, focused life for a lifetime.

“The healing force within your body is directed by your nervous system. Chronic stress, trauma and injuries can create a state of inflammation and interference in your neuro-spinal system, disrupting your body and mind’s ability to adapt, balance and heal.”

~Dr. Marc McDade

At Live Well, we have developed a measurable, gentle approach to help your body and mind connect, rebalance and begin to heal.



Our unique perspective helps us look at problems through a different lens. Opening up new possibilities for people who want to avoid managing their symptoms with more medication and address the root cause of their health issue.

We focus on removing stress from your nervous system, unlocking your body’s ability to heal itself, helping you get back to living life on your terms.


Pediatric and Infant Health

Family Care & Wellness

Sleep Issues, Low Energy, Focus, Brain Fog


We Take The Extra Step…

To measure exactly what’s going on with advanced neurologic testing instruments (paraspinal Infrared Thermography, sEMG and heart rate variability). We put this information together, along with detailed measurements taken from 3D imaging of the upper cervical region (where your head and neck come together) to put together a custom solution to help you get the results you are looking for.


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